youth in business 1The Youth In Business Accelerator (YIBA!) is a catalyst for youth enterprise development that provides a pragmatic platform for stimulating a paradigm shift amongst young people, moving them from being job seekers to employment creators through:

  1. Scrutinizing the existing hindrances across the entire value chain of targeted sectors and industries, with the intention to advocate for the necessary reforms which will deliver radical economic transformation and increase youth participation.
  2. Fostering an economic climate that facilitates investor confidence and growth.
  3. Improving the general environment for operating a business in South Africa.
  4. Empowering young people to participate in the resultant growth and improved business environment.

YIBA! is a perfect consolidation of 4 key components that make up this business accelerator platform for supporting and advancing youth-owned enterprises:

  1. YiBA! Summit
  2. Big Fast Results Labs
  3. Finance Connection
  4. Virtual Incubation & Online business Hub