Ikusasa Le Afrika Foundation (ILAF) in partnership with government in the Nkululeko programme, is building the first of the new model schools in Ndumo (Northern Coast of KwaZulu-Natal closer to the Mozambique border). The schools are comprehensive institutions offering five streams (Languages, Maths, Sciences, Agriculture and Tourism) and integrating with the local community. The schools start from grade 8 to grade 12. The school has a boarding facility and is situated near Ndumo Game reserve.

new model school 1     new model school 2     new model school 3

The idea of these new model high schools is to create centres of excellence in which the concept of holistic education will be implemented. The aim of implementing holistic education is to produce well-rounded individuals at the end of five years at the school. The idea is also to create a network of similar schools locally and internationally in order to provide exchange opportunities. ILAF also committed to facilitate the establishment of an Agri-Hub to be used as a practice centre and also to provide meals for the school.

new model school 1