Ikusasa LeAfrika Foundation (ILAF) in partnership Umbele Wowazi Education Trust (UWET) and the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education – Mafukuzela-Gandhi District founded the Accelerated Matric Programme (AMP) at the Mafukuzela-Gandhi Circuit Management Centre in deep rural eThekwini. The establishment of AMP was necessitated by the need for enhanced, holistic education to improve the grade 12 pass rate and the quality of learners that exit the schooling system to embark on the educational journey at tertiary level.

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The AMP is a unique approach to the current Matric Intervention Programme (MIP) in that it attempts to improve the matric results by beginning the process in grade 10 and culminating to grade 12 level. The programme has a total of 201 learners and focuses on subjects such as: Mathematics, Physical Science and Business Studies. Teaching and learning takes place on Saturdays and Winter holidays.

The specific objectives of the AMP programme are:

  • To promote literacy;
  • To broaden access to educational resources;
  • To provide tuition to disadvantaged learners (at no cost);
  • To expose learners to varied forms of learning and teaching;
  • To expose learners who do not have laboratories to experience learning in a similar environment;
  • To address issues of a social nature, such as HIV/AIDS, which have a negative impact on learners and society;
  • To promote Career Awareness opportunities; and
  • To address issues of school and Good Governance.