poultry farming 1Poultry farming is increasingly becoming lucrative globally. However, most of the people venturing into poultry business tend to focus on the profitability side without tackling the how question. This has attracted many to take on the enterprise by bandwagon, only to end up in losses.

Ikusasa Le Afrika Foundation (ILAF) seeks to support under privileged communities with vested interest in poultry farming. ILAF is working with communities interested in poultry farming in Willowfountain, Kwa-Swayimane and Kwa-Ximba.

The poultry programme consists of the following:

  • Training of communities
  • Building of broiler houses
  • Facilitating procurement of supplies
  • Creating market linkages

ILAF provided a five days training on Poultry Production for 90 individuals. The training is both theoretical and practical. The training resulted in the establishment of 19 broiler houses with capacity of 1100 broiler chickens for 19 households. The 10 broiler houses in Kwa-Swayimane and 9 in Willowfountain and 1 house in Kwa-Ximba is under construction.

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