Young people lack a platform or enough platforms to engage and stretch their thinking capacity on issues of national and continental importance. At times, the young people get hooked up in discussions that do not provide a solution to the challenges we face in Africa. The influence of media in setting up the agenda for our youth is forever increasing.

The Future Afrika Youth Forums is a forum based in tertiary institutions and municipalities where young people will be able to discuss any topic of relevance, be guided and conclude on a discussion. The intention is use tertiary institutions given their strategic position but youth in surrounding areas will be invited to participate. At times, certain programs may be initiated in these forums to implement certain parts of the discussion. An evaluation team will be appointed to carry any tasks from the forum and publish report.

Another critical part is to integrate discussions between academics, civil society, NGO’s , Religious formations, political formations , business and leaders in general. This broadens the discussions to be appreciative of all relevant sections of society and its influence.


In the Chairman of ILAF, Dr Zweli Mkize, address at the launch of the Future Afrika Forums he described the forums as a platform where we “encourage critical thinking amongst youth in matters affecting our country and stimulate the youth to imagine a future Africa and what role they wish to play in shaping that future.

We will host a series of lectures and seminars and invite leaders, professionals and various personalities to initiate debate and get the youth to propose solutions to the challenge of our country and the African continent. Solutions of the country’s challenges require all South Africans not just government to confront. This is an effort to create civil society mobilization to shape the future and development of leaders to lead us to such a future. We believe the engagement has to result in a change in the mindset of how our people and the youth in particular can emerge from the pessimism and adopt a solution oriented approach that will produce visionary future leadership. Because of the current negative discourse many are wasting their energy negatively instead of building on the positive attributes of our country and our people. Some end up losing an opportunity to build positively to help the country move forward”. It is with this background that these forums will be based on and framework that it will operate under.

Further to this is a need to reach out to as many people as we can and hence the relationship which has been established with a media partner such as iGagasi FM. Although we are yet to formalize this relationship through an MOU agreement, but already there has been a broadcast on Alex Mthiyane’s show, INDABA at 6 pm of the launch. Other media houses have joined in in publications, interviews and broadcast. This remains very crucial in reaching out to the wider audience.

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ILAF Programmes


The education programme incorporates the following:
The Bursary scheme
Nkululeko 1

The agriculture programme creates community based agricultural hubs in the following:
Poultry farming
Vegetable farming
3Youth Development
The youth development programme has three elements.
Youth Leadership Development
Entrepreneurship Development
Regeneration programme